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Nowadays, TS files are widely spread as TS is in high definition and the output quality of both images and sound are pretty good. However, there are few players to play back TS files. Then here is the question, if you want to convert your favorite TS videos to what your device supports. How can you complete this work? What you need is just a TS Converter, you can go to see the details of how to convert TS to other common format and download it for free.

Tip: What is TS?
TS is the abbreviation of Transport Stream (in high definition). It is a communication protocol for audio, video, and data which is specified in MPEG-2 Part 1, Systems (ISO/IEC standard 13818-1).

Why choose TS converter:

1. Select what you want profile easilyTS converter sorts the profile by the devices, general video, general audio, HD videos, etc, then it’s easy for you to find what you want.

2. Support the most popular playersConvert videos for iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Zune, PSP, Dell Player, Creative Zen, Archos, and other video and audio players.

3. Convert Video to Audio, Audio to AudioSupport extracting the audio track from your video files to popular audio formats such as MP3, WAV, AAC, AC3, M4A, etc with high sound quality.

4. Various video and audio settings

5. PreviewBefore conversion, you can preview your video files.

6. Easy to operateThe conversion process includes just three clicks:
Add files - Choose format - Click convert

a. Click add file to input TS file;

b.Choose output format and destination folder;

profile and destination
c. Press start button to start converting.

Ok, the conversion has been successfully completed. Such an easy to follow guideline. Free download TS Converter and do it by yourself.