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M2TS to MOV Converter M2TS MOV 変換

Are you wondering how to convert M2TS files into MOV files easily and quickly? The conversion work between different video or audio formats often makes us confused and frustrated. Now M2TS to MOV Converter will relief you from this daunting converison work.

M2TS to MOV Converter can convert M2TS files to MOV files at a very high speed and guarantee you the perfect output quality. Apart from its good conversion performance, great video editing function is another flash point of M2TS to MOV Converter.

You just need to download a free trial version of this converter and experience its magic performance by yourself. Let’s do it!

How to Use M2TS to MOV Converter:

Step 1:Connect to the Internet and download a free trial version of M2TS to MOV.

Step 2:Double-click the program icon and open it

Step 3:Add the M2TS file to the file list by clicking add file button.

Step 4:Set MOV as the output video format and choose the appropriate folder for the output video in the following boxes.

profile and destination

Step 5: Click convert button to start the conversion work. In a few seconds, you will get a high-quality MOV video file.


1. By M2TS to MOV Converter, you can capture your favorite images in previewing the input file.

2. Using M2TS to MOV Converter, you can cut any segment of the input video or extract audio from the input video.

You can put these music or movie clips or the beautiful images on your cell phone or other entertainment devices to relax yourself.

Just download a free trial version of M2TS to MOV Converter and experience its high performance.